Accepted Papers

Below is a list of all papers (in no particular order) that will be presented in CAIP’2015.

  1. Christoph Reinders, Florian Baumann, Björn Scheuermann, Arne Ehlers, Nicole Mühlpforte, Alfred O. Effenberg and Bodo Rosenhahn. On-The-Fly Handwriting Recognition using a High-Level Representation
  2. Junli Tao, Markus Enzweiler, Uwe Franke, David Pfeiffer and Reinhard Klette. What is in Front? Multiple-Object Detection and Tracking with Dynamic Occlusion Handling
  3. Mario Kubek, Herwig Unger and Jan Dusik. Correlating Words – Approaches and Applications
  4. Wolfgang Fuhl, Thomas Kübler, Katrin Sippel, Wolfgang Rosenstiel and Enkelejda Kasneci. ExCuSe: Robust Eye Tracking in Real-World Scenarios
  5. Guido Manfredi, Michel Devy and Daniel Sidobre. Textured Object Recognition: Balancing Model Robustness and Complexity
  6. Xesca Amengual Gayà, Anna Bosch Rué and Josep Lluís de La Rosa Esteva. Review of Methods to Predict Social Image Interestingness and Memorability
  7. Pawel Forczmanski and Wojciech Maleika. Predicting the number of DCT coefficients in the process of seabed data compression
  8. Jan Flusser, Tomáš Suk, Sajad Farokhi and Cyril Höschl Iv. Recognition of Images Degraded by Gaussian Blur
  9. Daniela Giordano, Simone Palazzo and Concetto Spampinato. Rejecting False Positives in Video Object Segmentation
  10. Francesc Serratosa, Xavier Cortés and Carlos Francisco Moreno-García. Ground truth Correspondence between nodes to Learn Graph-Matching Edit-Costs
  11. Wilbert Tabone and Dylan Seychell. Recognising Familiar Facial Features In Paintings Belonging to Seperate Domains
  12. Adrian Bors. Content based image retrieval based on modelling human visual attention
  13. Maxime Daisy, Pierre Buyssens, David Tschumperlé and Olivier Lezoray. Tensor-directed Spatial Patch Blending for Pattern-based Inpainting Methods
  14. Darshan Venkatrayappa, Philippe Montesinos, Daniel Diep and Baptiste Magnier. A novel image descriptor based on anisotropic filtering
  15. Kimberly Mcguire, Masato Tsukada, Boris Lenseigne, Wouter Caarls, Pieter Jonker and Masato Toda. A Novel Method for Simultaneous Acquisition of Visible and Near-Infrared Light using a Coded Infrared-Cut Filter
  16. Yuta Hirano and Atsushi Imiya. Scale-Space Clustering on a Unit Hypersphere
  17. Dongwei Liu, Radu Nicolescu and Reinhard Klette. Bokeh Effects Based on Stereo Vision
  18. Hossein Talebi and Marina L. Gavrilova. Confidence Based Rank Level Fusion for Multimodal Biometric System
  19. Tomoya Kato, Hayato Itoh and Atsushi Imiya. Optical Flow Computation with Locally Quadratic Assumption
  20. Trevor Farrugia and Jonathan Barbara. Pose Normalisation for 3D Vehicles
  21. Emilio Granell and Carlos David Martinez Hinarejos. Multimodal Output Combination for Transcribing Historical Handwritten Documents
  22. Michal Haindl, Stanislav Mikeš and Mineichi Kudo. Unsupervised Surface Reflectance Field Multi-Segmenter
  23. Alejandro Betancourt, Pietro Morerio, Emilia Barakova, Lucio Marcenaro, Matthias Rauterberg and Carlo Regazzoni. A Dynamic Approach and a New Dataset for Hand Detection in First Person Vision
  24. Tracey Camilleri, Kenneth Camilleri and Simon Fabri. Segmentation and Labelling of EEG for Brain Computer Interfaces
  25. Michal Haindl and Pavel Vacha. Wood Veneer Species Recognition using Markovian Textural Features
  26. Kun Zhang, Wee Kheng Leow and Yuan Cheng. Performance Analysis of Active Shape Reconstruction of Fractured, Incomplete Skulls
  27. Ignazio Gallo, Alessandro Zamberletti and Lucia Noce. Content Extraction from Marketing Flyers
  28. Sönke Schmid, Xiaoyi Jiang and Klaus Schäfers. Puzzle Approach to Pose Tracking of a Rigid Object in a Multi Camera System
  29. Thomas Reineking, Tobias Kluth and David Nakath. Adaptive Information Selection in Images: Efficient Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor Classification
  30. Jaime Lomeli-R. and Mark S. Nixon. The Brightness Clustering Transform and Locally Contrasting Keypoints
  31. Kai Cordes, Lukas Grundmann and Jörn Ostermann. Feature Evaluation with High-Resolution Images
  32. John Schavemaker, Martijn Spitters, Gijs Koot and Maaike de Boer. Fast re-ranking of visual search results by example selection
  33. Haokun Geng, Hsiang-Jen Chien, Radu Nicolescu and Reinhard Klette. Egomotion Estimation and Reconstruction with Kalman Filters and GPS Integration
  34. Hsiang-Jen Chien, Geng Haokun and Reinhard Klette. Bundle Adjustment with Implicit Structure Mo deling using a Direct Linear Transform
  35. Xiao-Ping Xu, Christopher Page and Niels Volkmann. Efficient extraction of macromolecular complexes from electron tomograms based on reduced representation templates
  36. Marek Wdowiak, Tomasz Markiewicz, Stanislaw Osowski, Janusz Patera, Wojciech Kozlowski, Janina Slodkowska, Marek Danilewicz and Beata Mlot. Gradients and active contour models for localization of cell membrane in HER2/neu images
  37. Naoto Ienaga, Hideo Saito, Kouichi Tezuka, Yasumasa Iwamura and Masayoshi Shimizu. Combination Photometric Stereo Using Compactness of Albedo and Surface Normal in the Presence of Shadows and Specular Reflection
  38. Zedong Xiao, Junli Zhao and Fuqing Duan. Craniofacial Reconstruction using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
  39. Lu Bai, Zhihong Zhang, Peng Ren and Edwin Hancock. A High-order Depth-based Matching Method for Graphs
  40. Cecilia Di Ruberto, Giuseppe Fodde and Lorenzo Putzu. On Different Colour Spaces for Medical Colour Image Classification
  41. Slimane Larabi and Insaf Setitra. SIFT Descriptor for Binary Shape Discrimination, Classification and Matching
  42. Joanna Olszewska. Where is My Cup? – Fully Automatic Detection and Recognition of Textureless Objects in Real-World Images
  43. Chenyu Shi, Jiapan Guo, George Azzopardi, Joost Meijer, Marcel Jonkman and Nicolai Petkov. Automatic differentiation of u- and n-serrated patterns in direct immunofluorescence images
  44. Juan Domingo, Esther Dura, Guillermo Ayala and Silvia Ruiz-España. Means of 2D and 3D shapes and their application in anatomical atlas building
  45. Sawssen Jalel, Philippe Marthon and Atef Hamouda. Optimized NURBS Curves Modelling Using Genetic Algorithm for Mobile Robot Navigation
  46. Adrian Bors. Robust learning from ortho-diffusion decompositions
  47. Andreas Neocleous, George Azzopardi, Christos N. Schizas and Nicolai Petkov. Filter-based Approach for Ornamentation Detection and Recognition in Singing Folk Music
  48. Wirat Rattanapitak and Somkiat Wangsiripitak. Vision-Based System for Automatic Detection of Suspicious Objects on ATM
  49. Roberto Guzman, Jean-Bernard Hayet and Reinhard Klette. Towards Ubiquitous Autonomous Driving: The CCSAD Dataset
  50. Takumi Kobayashi. Discriminative Local Binary Pattern For Image Feature Extraction
  51. Vitaliy Kurlin. A Homologically Persistent Skeleton is a fast and robust descriptor for a sparse cloud of interest points and saliency features in noisy 2D images
  52. Michael Holusa and Eduard Sojka. A k-max Geodesic Distance and its Application in Image Segmentation
  53. Leszek J Chmielewski and Arkadiusz Orłowski. Ground Level Recovery from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data with the Variably Randomized Iterated Hierarchical Hough Transform
  54. Ngoc-Trung Tran, Fakhreddine Ababsa and Maurice Charbit. U3PT: A New Dataset for Unconstrained 3D Pose Tracking Evaluation
  55. Darko Brodic, Alessia Amelio and Zoran Milivojevic. Characterization and Distinction Between Closely Related South Slavic Languages on the Example of Serbian and Croatian
  56. Vitaly Vlasov, Alexander Konovalov and Alexander Uglov. Few-Views Image Reconstruction with SMART and an Allowance for Contrast Structure Shadows
  57. Josef V. Psutka. Gaussian Mixture Model Selection Using Multiple Random Subsampling with Initialization
  58. Alexandra Bonnici and Kenneth Camilleri. Vectorisation of Sketched Drawings Using Co-occurring Sample Circles
  59. Lovish Lovish, Aditya Nigam, Balender Kumar and Phalguni Gupta. Robust Contact Lens Detection using Local Phase Quantization and Binary Gabor Pattern
  60. Hayato Itoh, Atsushi Imiya and Tomoya Sakai. Low-Dimensional Tensor Principle Component Analysis
  61. Francisco M. Castro, Manuel J. Marín-Jiménez and Nicolas Guil. Empirical study of audio-visual features fusion for gait recognition
  62. Anis Elbahi and Mohamed Nazih Omri. Web User Interact Task Recognition based on Conditional Random Fields
  63. Rudolf Schraml, Heinz Hofbauer, Alexander Petutschnigg and Andreas Uhl. Tree log identification based on digital cross-section images of log ends using fingerprint and iris recognition methods
  64. Roger Trullo and Duber Martinez. Detecting Human Falls: A Vision-FSM Approach
  65. Minoru Mori, Xiaomeng Wu and Kunio Kashino. Trademark Image Retrieval Using Inverse Total Feature Frequency and Multiple Detectors
  66. Zhihong Zhang, Yuanheng Liang, Lu Bai and Edwin Hancock. Adaptive Graph Learning for Unsupervised Feature Selection
  67. Lorenzo Baraldi, Costantino Grana and Rita Cucchiara. Shot and scene detection via hierarchical clustering for re-using broadcast video
  68. Alessia Saggese, Duber Martinez, Mario Vento, Humberto Loaiza and Eduardo Caicedo. Locally adapted gain control for reliable foreground detection
  69. Viktor Seib, Guido Schmidt, Michael Kusenbach and Dietrich Paulus. Fourier Features For Person Detection in Depth Data
  70. Zaneta Swiderska, Tomasz Markiewicz, Bartlomiej Grala and Wojciech Kozlowski. Texture and mathematical morphology for hot-spot detection in whole slice images of meningiomas and oligodendrogliomas
  71. Luca Magri and Andrea Fusiello. Scale estimation in multiple models fitting via Consensus Clustering
  72. Stefan Fiel and Robert Sablatnig. Writer Identification and Retrieval using a Convolutional Neural Network
  73. Christian Winkens, Christian Fuchs, Frank Neuhaus and Dietrich Paulus. Optical Truck Tracking for Autonomous Platooning
  74. Christian Bräuer-Burchardt, Peter Kühmstedt and Gunther Notni. Combination of Air- and Water-Calibration for a Fringe Projection Based Underwater 3D-Scanner
  75. Christian Bräuer-Burchardt, Peter Kühmstedt and Gunther Notni. Calibration of Stereo 3D Scanners with Minimal Number of Views Using Plane Targets and Vanishing Points
  76. Zijun Zou and Hisashi Koga. Spatially Aware Enhancement of BoVW-based Image Retrieval Exploiting Saliency Map
  77. Lu Bai, Zhihong Zhang and Edwin Hancock. An Edge-based Matching Kernel for Graphs through the Directed Line Graphs
  78. Shumeet Baluja, Michele Covell and Rahul Sukthankar. The Virtues of Peer Pressure: A Simple Method for Discovering High-Value Mistakes
  79. Fabian Hollaus, Markus Diem and Robert Sablatnig. Binarization of MultiSpectral Document Images
  80. Ugo Moschini, Paul Teeninga, Scott Trager and Michael H.F. Wilkinson. Parallel 2D local pattern spectra of moment invariants for galaxy classification
  81. Simeng Han, Frédéric Cointault, Christophe Salon and Jean-Claude Simon. Automatic detection of nodules in legumes by imagery in a phenotyping context
  82. Anderson Santos and Helio Pedrini. Human Skin Segmentation Improved by Saliency Detection
  83. Janne Mustaniemi, Juho Kannala and Janne Heikkilä. Disparity Estimation for Image Fusion in a Multi-aperture Camera
  84. Markus Ylimäki, Juho Kannala and Janne Heikkilä. Optimizing the Accuracy and Compactness of Multi-View Reconstructions
  85. Atsushi Fukushima and Takahiro Okabe. Multiframe Super-Resolution for Flickering Objects
  86. Maria De Marsico, Michele Nappi and Daniel Riccio. Entropy-based automatic segmentation and extraction of tumors from brain MRI images
  87. Mark Borg and Kenneth Camilleri. Multiple Hypothesis Tracking with Sign Language Hand Motion Constraints
  88. Anca Ignat. Combining Features for Texture Analysis
  89. Majdi Jribi and Faouzi Ghorbel. A novel canonical form for the registration of non rigid 3D shapes
  90. Hamed Habibi Aghdam, Elnaz Jahani Heravi and Domenec Puig. A New One Class Classifier Based on Ensemble of Binary Classifiers
  91. Mohamed Selim, Alain Pagani and Didier Stricker. Real-Time Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-Variate RVM on Faces in the Wild
  92. Xiaoyi Jiang, Gennaro Percannella and Mario Vento. A Verification-based Multithreshold Probing Approach to HEp-2 Cell Segmentation
  93. Florent Grélard, Fabien Baldacci, Vialard Anne and Jacques-Olivier Lachaud. Precise cross-section estimation on tubular organs
  94. Jiri Filip and Petr Somol. Materials Classification using Sparse Gray-Scale Bidirectional Reflectance Measurements
  95. Nicola Strisciuglio, George Azzopardi, Mario Vento and Nicolai Petkov. Multiscale blood vessel delineation using B-COSFIRE filters
  96. Rana Hanocka and Nahum Kiryati. Progressive Blind Deconvolution
  97. Arturo Oncevay, Ronald Juarez, Sofía Khlebnikov and César Beltrán. Leaf-based plant identification through morphological characterization in digital images
  98. Laura Fernández-Robles, George Azzopardi, Enrique Alegre and Nicolai Petkov. Cutting edge localisation in an edge profile milling head
  99. Jiapan Guo, Chenyu Shi, George Azzopardi and Nicolai Petkov. Recognition of architectural and electrical symbols by COSFIRE filters with inhibition
  100. Markus Mühling, Ralph Ewerth and Bernd Freisleben. Improving Cross-Domain Concept Detection via Object-based Features
  101. Mohamed Elleuch, Najiba Tagougui and Monji Kherallah. Deep learning for feature extraction of Arabic Handwritten Script
  102. Daniela Giordano, Isaak Kavasidis and Concetto Spampinato. Automatic Summary Creation by Applying Natural Language Processing on Unstructured Medical Records
  103. Bradley Moorfield, Ralf Haeusler and Reinhard Klette. Bilateral Filtering of 3D Point Clouds for Refined 3D Roadside Reconstructions
  104. Thomas Hoyoux, Antonio J. Rodriguez-Sanchez, Justus H. Piater and Sandor Szedmak. Can Computer Vision Problems Benefit from Structured Hierarchical Classification?
  105. Cecilia Di Ruberto, Andrea Loddo and Lorenzo Putzu. A Multiple Classifier Learning by Sampling System for White Blood Cells Segmentation
  106. Mr Prabhat, Surendra Byna, Venkatram Vishwanath, Eli Dart, Michael Wehner and William Collins. TECA: Peta-scale Pattern Recognition for Climate Science
  107. Alexander Schulz and Barbara Hammer. Visualization of Regression Models using Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
  108. Julius Schöning and Gunther Heidemann. Evalulation of multi-view 3D reconstruction software
  109. Josef V. Psutka and Josef Psutka. Sample size for maximum likelihood estimates of Gaussian model
  110. Zhao Zhang, Li Zhang, Mingbo Zhao and Fanzhang Li. Deep Label Propagation by Label Embedding
  111. Michael Hoedlmoser, Patrick Wolf and Martin Kampel. Simplifying Indoor Scenes for Real-time Manipulation on Mobile Devices
  112. Mario Versaci, Salvatore Calcagno and Francesco Carlo Morabito. Image Contrast Enhancement by Distances Among Points in Fuzzy Hyper-cubes
  113. Aditya Nigam, Balender Kumar, Jyoti Triyar and Phalguni Gupta. Iris Recognition Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Relational Measures
  114. Guoqiang Zhong, Xin Mao, Yaxin Shi and Junyu Dong. 3D Texture Recognition for RGB-D Images
  115. Andrzej Markiewicz and Pawel Forczmanski. Detection and Classification of Interesting Parts in Scanned Documents by Means of AdaBoost Classification and Low-level Features Verification
  116. Luigi Cinque and Rossella Cossu. Speed parameters in the level-set segmentation
  117. Aicha Baya Goumeidane, Abdessalem Bouzaieni, Nafaa Nacereddine and Salvatore Tabbone. Bayesian Networks-based Defects Classes Discrimination in Weld Radiographic Images
  118. Yeoh Tze Wei, Saul Zapotecas-Martinez, Youhei Akimoto, Hernan Aguirre and Kiyoshi Tanaka. Feature Selection in Gait Classification using Geometric PSO Assisted by SVM
  119. Abdessalem Bouzaieni, Salvatore Tabbone and Sabine Barrat. Automatic Images Annotation Extension Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
  120. Roberto Marani, Vito Renò, Ettore Stella and Tiziana D’Orazio. An Improved ANOVA Algorithm for Crop Mark Extraction from Large Aerial Images using Semantics
  121. Filippo L.M. Milotta, Dario Allegra, Filippo Stanco and Giovanni M. Farinella. An Electronic Travel Aid to Assist Blind and Visually Impaired People to Avoid Obstacles
  122. Aldo Gonzalez Lorenzo, Alexandra Bac, Jean-Luc Mari and Pedro Real Jurado. Cellular Skeletons: a New Approach to Topological Skeletons with Geometric Features
  123. Stefania Cristina and Kenneth Camilleri. Model-Free Head Pose Estimation Based on Shape Factorisation and Particle Filtering
  124. Yuan Cheng, Shudong Xie, Wee Kheng Leow and Kun Zhang. Plane-Fitting Robust Registration for Complex 3D Models
  125. Jian Lai, Wee Kheng Leow and Terence Sim. Incremental Fixed-Rank Robust PCA for Video Background Recovery
  126. Rosario Medina Rodriguez, Luis Guzmán Masías, Hugo Alatrista Salas and Cesar Beltran Castañon. Sperm cells segmentation in micrographic images through Lambertain color model
  127. Wallace Casaca, Marilaine Colnago and Luis Gustavo Nonato. Interactive Image Colorization using Laplacian Coordinates
  128. Martin Cerman, Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz and Walter Kropatsch. LBP and Irregular Graph Pyramids
  129. Christian Galea and Reuben A. Farrugia. Fusion of intra- and inter-modality algorithms for face-sketch recognition
  130. Hassan Afzal, Djamila Aouada, Francois Destelle, Bruno Mirbach and Bjorn Ottersten. View-Independent Enhanced 3D Reconstruction of Non-Rigidly Deforming Objects
  131. Aribi Yassine, Ali Wali and Adel Alimi. Automated Fast Marching Method for Segmentation and Tracking of Region Of Interest in a Scintigraphic Images Sequences
  132. Hamed Taher, Muhammad Rushdi, Muhammad Islam and Ahmed Badawi. Adaptive Saliency-weighted 2D-to-3D Video Conversion
  133. Shun Inagaki, Hayato Itoh and Atsushi Imiya. Variational Multiple Warping for Cardiac Image Analysis
  134. Gert-Jan de Vries, Steffen Pauws and Michael Biehl. Facial Expression Recognition using Learning Vector Quantization
  135. Thomas Villmann, Marika Kaden, David Nebel and Michael Biehl. Learning Vector Quantization with Adaptive Cost-based Outlier-Rejection
  136. Jasper van de Gronde. Tensorial Orientation Scores