Best paper awards (EUR800 donated by Springer)

The below two papers obtained the same number of votes for the best paper award. They received a monetary gift of EUR400 each.

  • Darshan Venkatrayappa, Philippe Montesinos, Daniel Diep and Baptiste Magnier, “A novel image descriptor based on anisotropic filtering”
  • Jaime Lomeli-R and Mark S. Nixon, “The Brightness Clustering Transform and Locally Contrasting Keypoints”

Best poster award (EUR200 donated by the Malta Council for Science & Technology)

  • Alexander Schulz and Barbara Hammer, “Visualization of Regression Models using Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction”

Special Prize (EUR400 donated by Juelich Supercomputing Center) for the below CAIP paper that concerns research in which high performance computing is an enabling technology for solving a pattern recognition problem.

  • Mr Prabhat, Surendra Byna, Venkatram Vishwanath, Eli Dart, Michael Wehner and William Collins, “TECA: Petascale Pattern Recognition for Climate Science”

An honorary mention was also given to

  • Ugo Moschini, Paul Teeninga, Scott Trager and Michael H.F. Wilkinson, “Parallel 2D local pattern spectra of moment invariants for galaxy classification”